Preston Brooks Fine Art

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Preston Brooks was born and raised in New York City, in the very heart of the artistic community.

Brought up in an environment that imposes the highest standards on culture and art, he developed a keen eye for detail, form, and color.

Preston's background ranges from the visual arts to writing, acting, singing, production, and is an award winning poet.


Projective Interpretation , or pareidolia, is the process of imagining a subject within a random pattern through free association,

with no model or object; much like looking at an ink blot, staring at in the clouds, or mapping the constellations.


This series' works, numbering well into the hundreds, speak volumes on feeling, intent, and movement.

His process, done through this personally stylized method of creating original "ink blots",

makes his artwork both highly expressive, and expressly unique.


For the past few years, Preston has remained focused on private sales, and private and charity auctions.

And despite the recent slipping economy, his work has continued to increase in popularity, demand and value.

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