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Sometimes all you need is a friend

and sometimes you need a lover.

Sometimes the cards fall into place,

and sometimes they topple over.


Sometimes your heart is a brilliant light,

Sometimes a stone in your chest.

Sometimes we say what we don't even mean,

and sometimes we just forget.


Sometimes we see things in 20/20

and sometimes we're flying blind.

Sometimes we know that we're being used,

and sometimes we don't even mind.


Sometimes we feel like children

sometimes we fear getting old.

Sometimes it's I love you every day

and sometimes you don't say hello.


Sometimes we get a glimpse of the future

sometimes we relive the past.

And sometimes we do everything right

and sometimes we like being bad.


Sometimes we follow bad advice

and sometimes we live to regret.

Sometimes life just passes us by,

and sometimes it beats us to death.



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