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Invisible Jane:



Invisible Jane,

I hurt so bad I can't speak your name.

You vanished right in front of me,

because you were a fantasy,

And only the spot where you stood still remains.

So from now on I'll just call you...


Invisible Jane,

my memory of you just isn't the same.

I can't picture your face anymore.

Were you ever there at all

or a figment of my imagination,

because you've been replaced by...


Invisible Jane,

I loved you more and more every day.

But every day you got further from me,

harder and harder to see.

I'm still staring in the direction you ran.

you left me all alone with...


Invisible Jane.

I miss you more than anything.

But despite what I feel,

I know you weren't even real.

Because the real thing can be held in your hands.

And instead I'm holding on to

Invisible Jane.



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